Vocal Group Singing A Cappella Cover Of ‘Light Of The World’ Is Such A Blessing

A Cappella vocal group Eclipse 6 sings a hopeful rendition of ‘Light of The World.’


The song video reminds us of the current situation of hopelessness in the world as they sing, ‘O come, Immanuel.’

The video shows Jesus performing various miracles during the time He was here on the earth, they declare in the song that Jesus is the “Light of the world.”

Eclipse 6 says that when they recorded and filmed the video, they felt the love of Christ so powerfully. “Putting this video together was an emotional and powerful experience. All six of us have shed tears of appreciation and gratitude for the LIGHT of the World as we worked on this project.”

“This message is perfect for RIGHT NOW. The world waits for a miracle. It’s not just a vaccine that is needed, it is Jesus…the light of the world. Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing this message with all who wait, all who hunger, all who’ve prayed, all who wander. HE HAS COME! Because of Him, there is hope! BEHOLD YOUR KING!”

This song seems so apt for today when the whole world is suffering and sick and need the healing touch of the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole earth is groaning for the return of the Messiah because He truly is the Light of the world.


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