Young Girl Sings Beautiful Original Song ‘Holy Are You’

Lina Frances sings a beautiful original song, ‘Holy Are You.’


Lina says she got the inspiration for the song when her mother was playing the piano one night some months ago, and the melody came into her head.

“We worked together on the lyrics. The song is meant to be simple. Life is so hard, there is no sugar coating. If we look to Him and turn to Him, miracles happen.”

Lina says, “I have seen God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy in my own life. The weight was never meant to be on our shoulders. He bears the weight for us and we are reminded of that every year on this day – Easter.”

The song inspires us today as we are led to worship God for the ultimate sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ on the cross so that the world can be reconciled to Him.

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Bonnie Elsenheimer

Amazing song beautifully sung! Thank you for sharing and I pray God continues to use you in this way to share His word with the world, we need it now more than ever.

Angel omala

Yes, I am waiting too the 2nd coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Very beautiful song I listened it 2times

God bless to the singer


So beautiful!! Glory to God! Bless her Lord Jesus that she continues to be inspired by you, and to inspire others.

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