Sick Little Girl Goes To Heaven Before Miraculous Healing (Updated)

updated on Dec 27, 2019

It’s so difficult to watch this heartbreaking video of Kinnady Devine, a little girl who’s battling a deadly disease. While in the hospital bed, suffering a lot of pain, she visits the heaven. But what happens next is truly a miracle.

In January 2017, Rachel and Levi Devine went through the hardest part of their lives. Their sweet 6-year-old daughter Kinnady suddenly got ill and was fighting for her life.

Somehow, the little girl contracted bacterial meningitis, a life-threatening infection which causes inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This serious disease can be deadly with in days, if not given antibiotic treatment immediately. Without timely treatment it may cause severe brain damage and even death.

The heartbroken parents sat in the hospital with their severely ill little girl, fearing the worst. Meanwhile, they contacted their friends, went up on Facebook and asked everyone to pray for her life.

For the proper diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, it’s necessary to identify the culprit strain of bacteria. So doctors needed to collect cerebrospinal fluid. We can’t even imagine a spinal tap for a little girl like Kinnady. Next, they would give her antibiotics to beat the infection.

Kinnady Goes To Heaven After Spinal Tap

During the painful and frightening procedure, the sweet little girl kept praising her family and thanking her nurses for their care. She was surrounded by her loving mom, dad, and Nana. Rachel captured this heartbreaking moment on camera.

Sometimes, exhaustion due to the intense treatment gets the best of Kinnady and the little girls nods off. This happens when she puts her hands together and starts praying. And it’s in that moment the little girl goes to Heaven.

We can see Kinnady is only out for a split-second, but she returns and joyously exclaims, “I’m here?!”. Her reaction to finding herself in the bed again clearly shows it’s completely genuine.

Watch: Kinnady Devine goes to heaven.

In between telling her family how much she loves them, Kinnady talks about how she’s going to get better and how she prayed about going home.

“I prayed you can go home safely with me,” the Kinnady tearfully explains to her dad at around the 3:50 mark.

The little girl starts nodding off around the 5:48 timestamp, and that’s when her mother says that the girl must think she died and went to Heaven. Right then, she starts praying again.

A few minutes later, Rachel explains to the doctor how Kinnady is waking up saying she went to Heaven and praying.

“It’s good to say prayers,” Kinnady exclaims. “I love God and I love Jesus… and live with Him!”

Soon after, Kinnady grabs her mom’s hand and asks her family to join her in prayer. Moments later, the sweet little girl excitedly proclaims, “I’m better!”

Kinnady Devine update (May 2019)

This precious little girl has melted the hearts of thousands around the world and everyone wants to know how is Kinnady Devine now. Take a look at these videos.

Video posted on Feb 13, 2019.

Video posted on May 2, 2019.

Kinnady Devine is now a healthy child, enjoys her life to its fullest by singing, dancing and praising the almighty with her family. Thank you Jesus for saving this sweet little girl.