Charming Toddler’s Positive Words Will Surely Lift Your Spirits

Toddlers are incredibly adorable and, in this case, a source of inspiration as well.

little girl positive affirmations

Toddlers are incredibly adorable and, in this case, a source of inspiration as well. The toddler stage is when these kids explore, learn about their surroundings, talk, play, and discover more about themselves. It’s crucial for parents and adults to teach them from a young age to see themselves as God sees them. Encouraging a healthy self-image is vital. While teaching them their ABCs is important, it’s equally beneficial to instill in them the ABCs of their identity in Christ.

This sweet and lovable toddler from Australia clearly understands who she is at a young age. She has likely been well taught by her parents to see herself positively. Despite her struggle to pronounce certain words, she radiates joy and positivity to anyone who watches her short video.

Her declaration begins with, “I say to myself, you are bold! You are brilliant! You are beautiful!” and concludes with, “You are worthy of greatness!” These are powerful affirmations that we should all remember. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, created in God’s image, and capable of facing anything through Christ who strengthens us. The word of God is the truth. No matter what challenges life presents, it cannot change how God views us. Just like this endearing child, let us believe in our hearts that everyone is special and has something significant to offer the world.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.Psalm 139:14


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