Ohio Mailman Delivers Essentials To Elderly People On His Route

Ohio postal worker Kyle West is going above and beyond to deliver more than mail these days.

Ohio postal worker Kyle West also known as “Mailman Kyle.”

West, also known as “Mailman Kyle,” is dropping off essentials like milk and toilet paper to the elderly on his mail route.

He said that there are many elderly on his route who are high risk for COVID-19. “My favorite guy came out and asked me if I could please get him toilet paper. From then I realized that some people just can’t do it themselves,” West said.

He has started sending people on his route a different letter, one which says that people who are at risk and need essential items should let him know and he will do the needful. He signed it “Mailman Kyle” and left his phone number.


“Seeing a lot of my customers putting on suits to just go get stamps I figured if I’m already there, it won’t hurt me to bring what they need,” West said.

He got more response than expected and has delivered just under 400 notes and has received various responses from everyone he gave one to.

He delivered milk to people and a hearty conversation too. For some people, a chat with a mail carrier is the only interaction they have during the day. “It’s hard for us as well not being able to talk to our customers because that’s one of the big parts of our day, being able to see all of our favorite people,” West said.

West says he will do what he can for those roughly 400 who need a little extra help right now till everything is normal. He says he doesn’t want anything in return for his extra effort; he only wants neighbors to keep a safe distance from their mail carriers to keep everyone safe.

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