Man Carries Scared Golden Retriever Like A Baby Up The Escalator

Our pets are our world, these adorable fluffy balls are there to love us unconditionally and expect nothing back in return.


A video going viral shows a dog owner carrying his golden retriever puppy over the escalator as it was very scared of crossing it.


The puppy went with the owner to a shopping mall and when he could not cross the escalator what the owner did is winning hearts all over the world. He said, “My dog is afraid of escalators, so I picked him up for safety.”


Isn’t it so adorable the sight of a little pup being carried like a little baby by his owner. One person commented on it on Twitter saying, “I sympathize with the dog. I am always a little nervous getting on an escalator, too. I usually make a couple of false starts before I plant my foot on the step.”

Our day couldn’t have had a more perfect start than by this video with cuteness overdose.