Man’s Act Of Kindness For Elderly Man During Rain And Cold Weather Will Warm Your Hearts

An amazing act of kindness was captured on camera at Corpus Christi, Marina in Texas.

It was raining terribly whole of last week, and an elderly man in a wheelchair was sitting all drenched, in the middle of the street.


That’s when, Roy Hinojosa came to the man’s rescue who was sitting at the base of a slope at the Lawrence Street T-Head and couldn’t get up the hill on his own.

He said, “People kept passing by and ignoring him,” Hinojosa couldn’t take this general apathy and decided to help the old man.

“It was cold, rainy, the wind was blowing,” Hinojosa said. He got out of his work truck, and gave the man a helping hand up the hill and onto the sidewalk along Shoreline.

He took him up all the way to the bus stop and later the elderly man thanked Hinojosa for his help and he wished him a Merry Christmas.


Hinojosa was working on a job at Joe’s Crab Shack nearby when he saw the elderly man and knew he was in trouble which prompted him to drive over and help.

A co-worker of Hinojosa caught him in the deed on camera and posted it on social media and has since become viral.

People have thanked Hinojosa who says that he has always liked to help others. “It makes me feel good, have a heart doing it. It’s not so much doing a good deed, just helping other people out who need help,” Hinojosa said.

Hinojosa hopes to inspire others through his kind act as he says “It just takes a few seconds,” Hinojosa said.