‘It’s A Miracle’: Family Rescues Son Swept Out To Sea For 2 Hours

The Gartenmayer family from Florida had the scare of a lifetime when their 22-year-old son, Dylan Gartenmayer, got caught in a powerful gulf stream current and was swept out to sea for two hours.


Dylan was free diving at about 35 feet when the current swept him out to waters as deep as 150 feet. He said he was underwater for almost two minutes and resurfaced about a mile from where he was initially diving.

The Rescue Mission

With the U.S. Coast Guard searching by air and sea, Gartenmayer’s family went to his last known coordinates. But he was not to be found there. However, Gartenmayer’s friend spotted buoys that appeared to be tied together. Shortly after spotting the buoys, the family spotted Gartenmayer. He had swam over a mile to a channel marker while clutching bamboo he found drifting in the water.

The Reunion

The moment the family spotted Gartenmayer was captured on video and has now gone viral on TikTok. Gartenmayer’s mother said, “It’s a miracle. We landed right on my son. And a needle in a haystack. You’re in the middle of the ocean. And that’s God.” Gartenmayer said, “My mom took my dive gear. She just started hugging, crying.”

It’s always important to be prepared for any emergency situation, especially when swimming or diving in open waters. The Gartenmayer family’s quick action resulted in finding and rescuing Dylan, who is now safe and sound.

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