Marines Beautifully Worship And Sing ‘10,000 Reasons’

If any song has impacted millions of Christian believers around the world with its heartfelt lyrics and music, then it has to be Matt Redman’s ‘10,000 Reasons.’

Matt Redman-10,000 Reasons

Redman had recently shared about worshiping the Father, “Every authentic response in worship comes from revelation,” Redman said. “Something happens on the inside and we express something on the outside.”

And if any group of people worship God more genuinely than others, then it has to be our military men an women, who are thankful for life itself because of all the things they have seen and been through and to thank God for protecting their families.


A group of US marines from the School of Infantry were captured live in a viral video recorded at Camp Geiger in North Carolina. Just see how these marines worship God powerfully as they raise their hands up and lift their voices to sing “10,000 Reasons.”



We love the camaraderie these marines share with one another and also the way they link their hands with each other- as a show of unity to the whole world. No wonder the video got more than a hundred million views.

Watch: Marines worship the Lord singing ‘10,000 Reasons’.

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