McDonald’s Becomes Shelter For More Than 50 People During Storm

Mcdonald’s employees Jeffrey Spangler, Kristin Kosha, and Amanda Kendall had no choice but to stay back at the shop located on Sheridan Drive, Amherst, because of the heavy snowstorm. Little did they know the shop would become a storm shelter for people.

mcdonalds snowstorm

While they were holed up, they decided to open up the shop as a shelter for stranded people. An open invitation was then posted on Facebook, for anyone in the area who is stuck to come inside.

“Anyone stuck around Sheridan/Sweet Home area there’s a few of us that didn’t make it out in time- come to the McDonald’s I’ll let you in. I’ve got heat and I’ll make some coffee. Bills game will be on later,” Kristin Kosha wrote on Facebook.

Soon, the shop was flooded in with stranded people, dropped in by Amherst police and fire department. More than 50 people showed up throughout the weekend exceeding their initial arrangments for 10-15 people. However, they manage to feed all those who came in to take shelter with coffee, hot chocolates, and all.

“Its common sense, you do what you gotta do. Like, you have a warm building and no ones in it. Why would you not open it up? ” Kosha explains.

We are grateful for these three individuals, who, tirelessly and selflessly took up the responsibility of looking after the people, and because of their kindness, those people were in fact able to see another day. Their kind actions have restored faith in humanity and show that there are still good people out there who are ready to help those in need.

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