Doctors And Nurses Praying On Their Knees To God In The Hospital

FaithFamilyAmerica shared a faith endorsing video of Doctors and Nurses praying to Jesus.

The Nurses and Doctors can be seen kneeling on their knees and praying loudly with all sincerity.

It seems even the medical staff know who the real healer is and they have completely surrendered to Him.

Watch: Medical Staff Kneels In Prayer At Hospital

These doctors and nurses are asking the Lord for a miracle. Because they know Jesus is the best doctor.

Medical Staff Find Strength In God During Coronavirus

Posted by Faith, Family, America on Monday, March 30, 2020

Could this coronavirus epidemic be a move of the Holy Spirit who is bringing a revival on the earth before the second coming of Christ?

We are already seeing a renewed and refreshed body of Christ building themselves up in prayer and fasting all over the earth as places of worship have been ordered to close everywhere.

Let us grab this chance given to us by God and spend more time in prayer and fasting and have a personal revival during this time of self isolation.


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