Professor Offers To Prepare And Deliver Thanksgiving Meals To Students

As the country gears up to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 in a year that has seen the biggest chaos in the education system due to the pandemic, one University professor wants to offer her students Thanksgiving meals.

The University of Iowa professor offered to make and deliver Thanksgiving meals to those who need it.

Dr. Elizabeth Pearce

Dr. Elizabeth Pearce, told her students in an email that she will make extra portions of her Thanksgiving dinner and drop it off for them if they need a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal this year. “I know this has been a difficult time for a lot of you,” Pearce wrote in her email, which has been shared on Twitter by one of her students. “I don’t want anyone to feel alone at Thanksgiving, or to miss out on a home-cooked family dinner.”


She said she would even drop off up to three meals if any of her students had roommates or a significant other. One of Pearce’s student shared her email online, and it has since gone viral, reaching nearly a million people online.

“I think this just touched people. Not because it’s a big gesture or anything great, but just because it was just a little ray of sunshine in kind of a dark time,” Pearce said.


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