Ex-Mormon Is Led To Christ By The Same Person He Tried To Convert To Mormonism

A two year Mormon mission trip led Micah Wilder made him realize that whatever he had learned from Mormonism, was all wrong. Now he has left the Church of Latter-day Saints and has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Hallelujah!

micah wilder testimony

Micah grew up in the Mormon Church and was always looking for chances to bring others to his religion. He was raised to believe that believing in Jesus was only the first step and in order to go to Heaven, one must be Mormon and comply with many rules and do a set of actions for the church and others.

Micah was based in Orlando, Florida, and wanted to convert more people into Mormons, but Orlando — is a very evangelical and Bible-based area.

“I didn’t understand this at the time and was a little naive as a young Mormon missionary. But I was convinced that I was going to get to Orlando and convert everybody that I saw and be the greatest missionary ever.” Micah shared.

He said “And so I got there and I was being very zealous at converting others to my faith. And riding my bicycle and knocking on doors.”

“I got a little overzealous. . . and I actually attempted to convert a Baptist minister and his whole congregation to the Mormon church, which I was unsuccessful at by the way!” Micah explained.

You might say Micah was a bit daring as he tried to convert of all people- a Baptist minister! But thankfully, a divine Intervention landed him in the path of that same minister, who God would use to change Micah’s beliefs and make him question everything he’d been taught in Mormonism.

“The gospel that I was teaching in the Mormon Church was not the Gospel of God. Mormons do not believe in the all-sufficient sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross.” Micah said.

So instead of converting others to be Mormons, Micah accepted Jesus Christ. And soon his family became Christians and his friend and Adam’s Road bandmate, Joseph Warren.

We praise God for that Baptist minister who led Micah to the Lord Jesus, because it’s not by might nor by strength, but by the Holy Spirit.

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