Woman Thought She’d Buried Her Dead Dog Until It Turned Up Two Days Later

Codie Hutton, 26, was driving through Woodbridge, Suffolk on November 5 when she stopped to give her dog Maisie a brief comfort break.


Before she could put a leash on her dog, a firework exploded suddenly which spooked Maisie and caused her to run off and went missing for nearly a week. Codie had assembled a group to search for Maisie but they could not locate the dog even as the night drew closer. The search would go on for several days.

On to their next search, Codie and her father drove through a field where she was last seen and decided to stay back and camp the night in the hopes of finding Maisie. They even started a fire, hoping Maisie would see it and come to it as she usually does. But there was no sign of her.

The next morning, Codie received a call from someone informing her about the flattened remains of an animal that had been discovered and that it could likely be Maisie’s. The tail and leg marks were convincing enough for Codie to conclude that it was indeed her dog even though the vets could not identify whether it was a dog or not due to the lack of the microchip in the body.

Nevertheless, they made their peace and buried a fox which they thought was Maisie, and placed a photograph of Maisie and Codie’s three-year-old son Taylen in their residence at Crowfield.

Two days later, Codie received a surprise call from a stranger informing her that Maisie was sighted nearby. The search for Maisie continued as things were inconclusive. Then on Thursday, A couple captured the dog near a primary school.

The spaniel had traveled over 17 miles from where she ran off and been sighted at Melton, Bredfield, Helmingham, and Wickham Market.

“I believed she was gone. I believed I would never see her again”. She stated, “I still couldn’t believe that was my Maisie.” She also expressed her gratitude to all those who have helped her locate Maisie and said that it had restored her faith in humanity.

Maisie was finally found alive, apart from a little infection she was found well but hungry and exhausted. The dog was unable to conceal her enthusiasm as she wiggled and whimpered in anticipation of being reunited with her beloved owner.

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