9-Year-Old Swimmer Bursts Into Tears Of Joy When Navy Brother Surprises Her Before Meet

Surprise Military homecomings are always special, more especially if it’s a big brother serving in the military coming home early to surprise his little siblings.

Sergeant Bradley Komar’s sisters had no idea that their dear elder brother was coming home just in time for the holidays. He showed up at their high school cafeteria to surprise them, giving them a hug and they couldn’t stop crying out of pure joy.

Military homecoming: Brother surprises sisters

If this military homecoming doesn't make you shed a tear, check your pulse. http://bit.ly/2ydJZvH

Posted by KCCI on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Michael surprised his 7th grader sister, Mea Arthur, by sitting down next to her at her school lunch table. She couldn’t believe her eyes and immediately started crying and hugging him.

Military brother surprises sister at school

All the feels! Mea Arthur, a 7th grader at Moultrie Middle School, was surprised by her older brother, Michael, at school. He's back earlier than expected from serving in the military.

Posted by WCIV | ABC News 4 on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Stories like these definitely melt our hearts and here is another one.

Jeff Wolski, a Navy sailor, his 9-year-old sister Valary Andonoski, after being away for six months on deployment.

Valary said, “I cried because I hadn’t seen him for a very long time, and my birthday wish was for him to come see me. He actually made it come true … I feel like I should swim my heart out for him.”

And she kept her word later, they both embraced lovingly while the people around cheered with joy.

Sailor's homecoming ends in heartwarming victory

She wished to see her Navy brother for her birthday. She swam her heart out when it came true.

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Valary went to swim and make her brother proud, she came in at first place in the swimming competition, beating her own record by 10 seconds.

It was amazing for Valary’s brother to be there and see her in her shining moment, and we’re sure he was very proud of her achievement, as the announcers called Valary’s win a “Cinderella story.”

Valary and Jeff’s mother said even though the siblings are 10 years apart, they have a very strong and special bond, it was a special moment for her to have both her  kids together with her after a long time.

Siblings’ bond can be very special and there’s no better love than that of your sibling who is also your friend.