Mom Turns Son’s Visit to Dentist a Hilarious News Report

A mother turned her son’s dentist visit into a hilarious news report. She works as a reporter in Indianapolis. She knows how vital regular dental checkups are for health. Despite the dread, she took her son for his dental appointment.

news reporter mom

Kayla Sullivan, the mother and reporter, created a funny before and after report about the visit. Using a toothbrush as a microphone, she shared the story on Instagram. She expressed her fears about her son’s dental health.

“The only thing more terrifying than your own dentist appointment is the one for your young child,” Kayla stated. She worried about feeling guilty if her son had a cavity, despite her efforts to maintain his dental health.

Kayla’s report included a moment where her son sat in the dentist’s chair. The audience waited anxiously for the outcome. Finally, Kayla shared the good news. There were no cavities, and she felt relieved.

“This just in: no cavities,” she announced. Kayla acknowledged the ongoing challenge of keeping her son’s teeth healthy, especially with Easter coming. She hoped for healthier treats from the Easter Bunny to avoid future dental stress.

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