Woman Calls Police After Hearing Screaming ‘Let Me Out’ From Neighbor’s House – Turns Out To Be A Parrot

While it’s important to be aware of anyone in danger in our surrounding and to immediately inform 911 about it, sometimes it can backfire just like this one.

A concerned woman in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, thought she heard screams for help coming from her neighbor’s backyard last week and informed police.

“Help, let me out!” repeated the voice, over and over. When the cops arrived to investigate, they found resident Jason Sprague out in the front, working on his wife’s car.

The cops were not sure what to do next when Sprague presented the security video to them and also later posted it on social media.

He then went into his backyard, and came out with a green and yellow parrot perched on his hand whom he introduced as Rambo, who was the culprit.

The yellow-naped amazon has been part of their family since he was a boy and has an interesting vocabulary. “Help! Let me out!” Sprague said was taught to the parrot by him and and his brothers when they were teens as they thought it was a funny line to teach the bird, who at the time lived in a cage during his younger years.


“Back then we started teaching him, ‘Help let me out,’ to scream when he was in the cage,” Sprague said. “It didn’t take him very long to say, ‘Help let me out,’ or ‘Help, help let me out!’” But in the present time, Rambo no longer lives in a cage, and is a “couch potato” who loves to keep repeating the phrases he learned almost 40 years ago, sitting outside on his perch, in the fresh air.

The cops were cracking up laughing once they realized the truth said Sprague.

“Our Deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office shared along with the video. “Hilarity ensued.”

“OMG you guys,” Sprague’s wife, Gia Jury, shared, adding, “This s— is getting crazy. If you haven’t seen the video look on my art page. Our parrot Rambo is famous. The video with him and the police has gone completely viral. It was on Inside Edition last night, Fox & other news channels, has been reported as far away as the UK and Nigeria! Uncle Rambo has arrived!”


Sprague also made sure to visit the lady who made the complaint along with the bird. “She thought it was a woman being thrown in the pool and then when it kept going on she figured she would call the police,” Sprague said. “We had a good talk, a good laugh. Then I proceeded to introduce [Rambo] to the woman down the street who called the police.”

“She was very apologetic at first,” he said. “Then she cracked up laughing.”

Rambo has been crying out these words since many years now and Sprague said, “I can’t believe it took this long for somebody to call the police.”

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