7-Year-Old Boy with Non-Verbal Autism Speaks to Mom for The First Time in Touching Video

In a touching display of a mother’s love and a child’s breakthrough, a 7-year-old boy with autism, who is non-verbal, spoke directly to his mother for the first time in his life. Captured in a candid moment on a security camera, the sheer joy and emotion in this encounter will leave few unmoved.

non verbal autistic child talks

Cristy, the elated mother, shared the deeply moving video and captioned it, “Autism nonverbal mother happiness overload moment!” It was a simple interaction, but one that held a world of meaning for this family. Every morning, as part of their routine, Cristy greets her son with a “good morning.”

On this unforgettable day, her son broke his silence and greeted her back, not just once but twice, expressing a full range of emotion.

Cristy’s face, caught on camera, illuminated with joy and disbelief, said it all.

@4aries14 *** *** Autism nonverbal mother happiness overload moment!!! I had an emotional moment this morning with my Kai. He’s almost 7 & is considered non verbal. Well, this morning I did my usual “Good morning” & he finally said it back to me, TWICE, & with full emotion. I say it once then you hear him tell me it back 2 times. Edit:: I normally try not to react that way bc we know he can do it, so I try not to over praise BUT I’ve been saying this for 6 yrs & always say to him….”One day you’re going to tell me it back homie” (I threw on my sweats/sweatshirt over my long pjs to take Kira to the bus right before this ) #autism #autismawareness #nonverbal #autismmom #autistic #proudmoment #tearjerker #amazing #love #family #autismlove #autismsupport #sensory #neurodivergent #motherlove ♬ original sound – Cristy Rawls

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