Nurses Dance As COVID-19 Patient Comes Off Ventilator

Nurses are a God-send gift to humanity. Historically, and today, nurses are right at the center of fighting pandemics like COVID-19, and are treating and caring for patients with utmost respect and love.


Nurses make up half of the world’s health workers, but at this time, the world is facing a huge shortage of nurses with 5.9 million more nurses needed.

Yesterday, on May 12th, we celebrated International Nurses Day in honor of the Nurses who have died and who are caring for the patients of COVID-19 and other diseases.

A sweet video was shared on social media showing a group of nurses dancing in ecstasy when one of their patients with the novel coronavirus was taken off the ventilator as his condition improved.


We must respect every health worker and appreciate the sacrifices they are making, often staying away from families for long durations, just so that they can take better care of patients entrusted to them.

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