Police Officer Adopts Abandoned Pup After He Refuses To Leave His Side

A heartwarming story about the love between a police officer and a pup is filling people with joy everywhere in the country.


LAPD division officers Mercado and Tavera found a tiny puppy wandering on a busy street in Los Angeles, California.

When they spotted the little brown dog on Hobart Boulevard, they knew they had to help it.

They brought him to a local animal shelter and were informed that his owners had abandoned him.

They were so moved by his story that they named him Hobart after the street where he was found.

Their station shared the pup’s picture on social media and within a few hours, #HollywoodHobart began to trend online.

As they work on their shift, they became so attached to Hobart that they couldn’t think of parting ways.

The video uploaded on twitter shows Hobart following Mercado down the street, glued to his new “safe space.”

The LAPD Hollywood Division joked that Hobart was the “newest member of our K-9 unit,” but we’re thinking Hobart would make a better comfort dog.

Mercado was so charmed by Hobart that he decided to adopt him and in a post shared by the station on Facebook, they said Hobart is now “living the good life with Mercado and his family!”


These two look so cute together, and we hope they remain together forever.

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