Loyal Pooch Leads Emergency Services To Save His Owner, Refuses To Leave His Side

Man’s best friend refused to leave his elderly owner alone after he fell into a ditch, and even alerted Gardai to it.

The elderly Irishman received treatment by paramedics after his loyal pooch showed emergency services where he was after a fall.

The pensioner was out walking his dog Jack near Portarlington when he fell into a ditch. Jack alerted Gardaí or local police men, to his owner’s plight and did not leave his side as he was being treated in an ambulance.

Gardaí wrote online, “Elderly man out walking his dog last night near Portarlington fell into the ditch & couldn’t get out. Jack the Dog stayed by his side & showed Gardaí where he was. Even when ambulance arrived Jack wouldn’t rest unless he could see him! Owner and Jack home now.”

What did we do to deserve such loyalty and faithfulness from our pooches, love them to the moon and back.


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good dogs are hard to find am 66 and had 1 like that but were not me he watched over but My Wife and my little girl he protected


The dog was given to us by God to care for while we learn forgiveness and unconditional love. What a better example than the dog besides our Savior Christ Jesus.

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