Wheelchair-Bound Blind Dog Gives School Kids A Lesson On Anti-Bullying And Acceptance

A cute video of a Cockapoo, born without eyes and deformed hind legs, teaching kids on anti-bullying is garnering more views by the day.

Noah, the 3-year-old Cockapoo, was born deformed, but it hasn’t slowed him or his mission one bit. He spends his time visiting different schools in a wheelchair, where he and Edge of Wisconsin, teach young students about tolerance and acceptance.

Most times society doesn’t easily accept those with deformities or disabilities and tends to insult or bully them, but this is exactly what Noah is trying to educate school kids about, that if someone has a disability it does not mean that they are any less than others and they should be accepted as they are.

His mom Lisa Edge says, “He’s a great example and a great visual for when I take him to see kids at school that just because he’s different doesn’t mean he’s any less of a dog.”

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