Police Officer Buys Little Boy New Toy After His Was Stolen By Thieves Off Porch

Brian Koeppen a resident of Youngstown, Ohio was expecting his package to arrive any time soon, but with thieves on the prowl this festive season, he was shocked to find that he too had become prey as thieves had stolen his box from off the front doorstep.

He was heart broken because the box contained a toy for his little boy. He then took to Facebook to write, “Please watch your packages this holiday season this just happened to us today.”

Responding to the crime, Officer Joe Wess arrived at Koeppen’s house to investigate the crime. He was quite disturbed by the fact that the heartless thieves could steal a little boy’s new toy.

He was so moved that he bought the little boy a toy from his own pocket and returned the next week to Koeppen’s house with it and gave it to the little boy.

Koeppen was touched by the kindness shown by Officer Wess and wrote on his Facebook, “This is one of the nicest things someone has done for us in recent history and we appreciate this more than you know Officer Wess!”

The kindness shown by Officer Wess helped lessen the sadness that had gripped Koeppen and he now looks to the day when he will pay it forward.

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