Officer Notices Young Boys Walking New Puppy With Rope, Gifts Them Leash And Toy

Not all police officers are the same because most join the force to make an impact on their communities and protect the people in them.

Police Officer Nicholas Shuler is one of them, he tries to connect with the community he works for in every sort of way.

The Albany Police Department even used him as an example in an online hiring notice. “Here, Police Officer Nicholas Schuler stopped to play basketball with some kids last year near Lincoln Square,” the department wrote.

“Officer Schuler is very active with our city’s youth and helps mentor at Albany Police Athletic League, Inc. and is an advisor in the Albany Police Explorers.”

We’re Hiring – Being a police officer provides you with so many opportunities to connect with your community. Whether it…

Posted by Albany Police Department on Thursday, 1 April 2021

Schuler recently made a huge impact on some young kids in the area and forged a positive bond with them as shared by the department.

“This afternoon, Police Officer Nicholas Schuler was out on patrol in West Hill when he met these three boys and this adorable new puppy they were walking,” the post from April 9 began.

“Officer Schuler, a dog lover himself, stopped to hang out with the boys and the puppy for a little bit. The four had a great dialogue, learned a lot about each other, including that one of the boys is already taking up comedy and has a Youtube channel to broadcast his jokes.”

Schuler saw a way where he could make a change in the kids’ lives and their dog and immediately jumped into action.

“Noticing that the boys were walking the puppy only with a piece of rope, he went to the store quickly and returned with a new collar, new leash, and of course, a toy for the puppy,” the post continued.

Puppy Love and Community Policing

This afternoon, Police Officer Nicholas Schuler was out on patrol in West Hill when…

Posted by Albany Police Department on Friday, 9 April 2021

“The boys were appreciative that Officer Schuler not only took the time to hang out with them, but that he cared about the puppy and got them some new things.

“Interactions like this are impactful. There’s no doubt that these boys will remember Officer Schuler the next time he’s cruising through to say hello.”

Officer Schuler’s actions made the kids’ and their dog’s day so much brighter with his act of kindness.

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