Police Officer Goes Above And Beyond To Help Stranded Elderly Driver Who Ran Out of Gas

An elderly man got to experience police kindheartedness first hand when he ran out of gas while on the road.

The man from Gwinnett County, Georgia, was driving his car last month his phone battery died and his wife lost communication with him for 15 hours after he started out.

Act of kindness

But it was a kindhearted policeman who found the man stranded on the side of the road, phone dead and car out of gas. The Georgia Department of Public Safety shared the story and a photo of the hero officer on Aug. 17.


The post began, “Friday morning, SGT Coffee, Post 7-Toccoa, stopped with what he believed to be a disabled motorist,” it further said, “Upon speaking with the elderly driver, SGT Coffee learned the driver was not from the area, became lost, and was disoriented.” The post continued.

“He was able to make contact with the gentleman’s wife, who stated he left his home sometime after 9:00 am the previous morning, and the last contact she had with him was about midnight. The gentleman’s phone died and he ran out of gas in Habersham County.” The post added,
“SGT Coffee made arrangements with Troopers from Post 51-Gwinnett (TFC Hamerla) and Post 6-Gainesville (Sgt Parker) to provide a relay of the wife from Gwinnett County to Habersham County to get her husband and the vehicle.”


The elderly man and his wife were relieved that he was safe, but the officer went above and beyond to personally assist the man. “In the meantime, SGT Coffee asked his own wife to bring a gas can from their home and put enough gas in the gentleman’s car to get to a gas station,” the post continued. “SGT Coffee upholds the Department’s core value of ‘Compassion’ for his fellow Georgians.”

What a heartwarming story of kindness and empathy shown by the police, no wonder the department’s post racked up over 46,000 shares and 247,000 reactions.