Grieving Family Discovers 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Love for Jesus After Freak Badminton Accident

Lucy Morgan, a six-year-old girl, died after a freak badminton accident during a family vacation in Maine.

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When we face our darkest times, our faith can give us comfort and strength. It helps us find hope even when we are in deep grief and uncertainty.

Jesse Morgan, a pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel in Rockaway, New Jersey, and his family were at a lake cottage when the accident happened.

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Lucy was playing badminton with her siblings when a broken racquet hit her on the head. Jesse and his wife, Bethany, were nearby when they heard the kids screaming. and rushed to help. They held Lucy and prayed as she lay unresponsive.

Lucy was taken by helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland for surgery. She briefly survived but passed away a few days later. Her father, Jesse, shared their story on his blog, New Creation Living, and with Fox News Digital.

In the midst of this tragedy, the family finds comfort in knowing that Lucy had found Jesus. Her “mustard seed faith” and her love for God were evident.

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A few weeks before the accident, Lucy asked her mom how to be with God and be saved. Bethany explained it to her. When Bethany offered to pray for her, Lucy wanted to pray by herself. She went into her room and prayed, asking God to forgive her and saying she believed in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

After Lucy’s death, the family found her prayer journal. It was a gift from her mom, given a month before the accident.

The journal became a precious reminder of Lucy’s deep and genuine love for God.

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In it, Lucy wrote, “God is so amazing and He is the true God and He created everything and He died on the cross for our sins.” She also drew pictures of Bible stories, like Mary and Martha crying over Lazarus.

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Jesse said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that she in her imperfect understanding of life loved Christ and loved God.” The family talked about the gospel every day, not as a one-time lesson but as a continuous conversation.

Finding Lucy’s journal brought great comfort to Jesse and Bethany. Writing on his blog helped Jesse process his grief. He wrote, “The only reason we can even still stay sane is the grace He shows to us in bringing us this far. We know what He’s done, where He’s brought us, and where He’s bringing us.”

Jesse admitted they struggled with their faith after Lucy’s death. He said, “We didn’t want to hang on. There was a big part of us that wanted to be done with God. And we simply couldn’t do it. It simply wouldn’t happen.” He believes God prepared them for this tragedy in ways they didn’t understand.

Two days before Lucy’s death, the family sang her favorite song, “He Will Hold Me Fast” by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Selah. The song’s line, “When I fear my faith will fail, Christ will hold me fast,” gave them comfort.

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Jesse wants people to see the miracle of their continued faith. He said, “God didn’t do a miracle and bring her back, but God did do a miracle. And that’s what I want people to see, that in our hearts we’re still trusting Him.”

Let us pray for Lucy Morgan’s family as they adjust to their new reality. May they continue to feel God’s comforting hand.

Lucy’s story reminds us that God is with us, giving us peace and strength in our darkest hours.