Actor Jon Voight Shares Testimony Of Faith After A Powerful Encounter With God

Award-winning 84-year-old actor Jon Voight has shared his testimony about how an encounter with God during a difficult period in his life completely transformed him.

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As a celebrity in Hollywood, Voight’s personal life became public domain, highlighted when his infidelity and estrangement from his children, Angelina Jolie and James Haven, were exposed.

In an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Voight steered the conversation towards his faith. He spoke about a powerful encounter with God that changed everything for him and his family.

Voight was facing significant challenges as an actor in Hollywood, and his personal relationships were failing. ‘I was in a lot of trouble at one point. I had some problems, and I was really suffering for many reasons,’ he said.

‘My career was in flux at that time, and lots of things were going on at the time. My relationship with my kids and my wife was strained.’ Voight recalls hitting the floor and exclaiming, ‘It’s so difficult.’ At that moment, he says, God spoke to him.

Before this incident, Voight’s prayers were more of a hopeful gesture than a conversation. But in that desperate moment, he heard a clear voice: ‘It’s supposed to be difficult.’ This voice, full of wisdom and kindness, he realized, was God’s.

This realization that God was real and was witnessing his struggles changed Voight’s life forever. He continued to seek signs from God, and according to him, God responded.

Tucker Carlson summarized this experience: ‘So that’s the moment when you realized that God’s real, knows you, and is on your side.’ Voight agreed, adding that he cried out to God about his struggles and, over time, developed a relationship with Jesus.

His mind transformed, Voight understood the need to live a holy and pure life. ‘If I’m going to be a vessel for God, I better be cleaner than I was … I’ve got to be a righteous fellow,’ he stated.

The transformation of Jon Voight is a powerful testimony to God’s ability to change a person inside out. We praise and thank God for this and pray that He continues to use Voight mightily throughout the world. ‘I have fear of the Lord,’ he explained. ‘I’m afraid of offending God.’

Voight’s testimony is inspiring, and as more celebrities share their experiences of finding God, we pray for the Lord to transform their lives completely.

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This article was originally published on Jul 21, 2021.


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