Olive Garden Waiter Stuns Everyone With Amazing ‘Happy Birthday’

When Amy Haddox and her husband took their twin daughters, Hannah and Ella, to celebrate the girls’ birthday, what happened next blew them away completely.


The family went to Olive Garden in Kennewick, WA, to celebrate the twins birthdays and did not have any high expectations from the waiters who normally would sing a quick “Happy Birthday” but that was not the case thus time.

Their waiter, Alphonso “Alphy” Nichols, sang a mind blowing solo rendition of the song which left the family completely speechless.

Watch: Olive Garden Waiter Sings ‘Happy Birthday’

Haddox said, “The restaurant was silent. You could hear a pin drop,” She added, “Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen.” The twins must have been so happy with the song and we are sure it must have made their day perfect.

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