Police Officer Pulls Over Great-Grandmother For Broken Tail Lights, Then Surprises Her With A Gift Card

The police are working in the toughest conditions in the country, but are still going above and beyond to protect and keep us safe.

Recently one police officer from the Orlando Police Department performed the most heartwarming act after he noticed that the tail lights of a great-grandmother’s car weren’t working.


Sergeant Costa pulled the woman over on February 5 as her great-granddaughter sat in the back seat. A video shared by the police department shows Sgt. Costa telling her: “Listen, you’ve got some lights out.”

“Where is that?” she asks. He tells her that her taillights aren’t working and that he’s going to do her “a favor.”

“So, what I’m going to do is that instead of giving you a ticket, I’m going to give you this card,” Sgt Costa says.

Sgt. Costa hands the woman a gift voucher as she sits behind the wheel of her car so she can use it to replace them. He tells her it is a gift card for Advance Auto Parts, an automotive parts store in the US, valued at $25.

“You can use it to fix this car,” the police officer says. “This way I don’t have to give you a ticket. He adds, “I don’t want to give you a ticket. It’s too hard right now.”

The elderly lady responds: “Thank you, Jesus.” She says, “God bless you. Thank you for being you.” Viewers called Sgt Costa “awesome” and said his gesture “beautiful”.


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