Man Has Priceless Reaction To Finding Missing Dog In Fox Hole After Searching For Two Whole Days

A dog owner cried tears of joy when he finally found his beloved dog after losing her for two days.

Mitzi the Jack Russell got lost after being chased by a dog while she was on a morning stroll in Woodford Green, a district of Redbridge in London, England.


Owner Alan Whitton along with his friends had spent 2 days looking for her in the woods but on the third day, he got a call from another dog walker saying that her dog had been sniffing around a fox hole.

He started squeaking one of Mitzi’s favorite toys near the opening of the hole and that’s when he heard a faint whimper and rescued Mitzi.


“I just broke down, I was overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, I had started to lose hope,” Alan said. “It was like a Christmas miracle, all the time it felt like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.”

Whitton must have felt such relief and joy to find his beloved dog after spending two whole days without her.

Watch the emotional reunion below.


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