Paralyzed Calf Gets A Wheelchair And Run For The Very First Time

Adorable video shows a paralyzed calf is enjoying her new life in a custom made wheel chair! The calf is given the new lease of life by rescuers who created the first cow wheelchair in the world. Their state of the art creation allowed the calf to run gleefully through the surrounding fields for the first time. Watching her joyous ride in the new aid will make you feel happy for the baby calf!

The Calf, Staci was born with an incurable defect named spina bifida. Due to the under developments of spine, six month old Staci was facing an imminent demise to her hind legs and was unable to walk. The Freedom Farm Sanctuary of Olesch’s volunteers were right there to give a 24 hour care to Stacy! Seeing her paralyzed life, this most intelligent rescue team from Israel stepped into save her life and they have even developed a special wheelchair to support their paralyzed calf.

Taking inspiration from disabled dogs being assisted with special wheelchairs, the team set about creating one wheelchair for Staci. Freedom Farm Sanctuary made the fist walking assistance apparatus for Staci and its the fist time calves are getting such facility!

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So happy calves are getting help too!!

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