Deputy Helps Repair Cancer Survivor’s Car After Hearing Her Struggles

The movement of random acts of kindness week has been inspiring many people to put kindness first and share it as they go. Just like this Milwaukee County sheriff who has paid it forward with an amazing act of kindness to a stranger.


It was an unplanned meeting between the deputy and a two-time cancer survivor who met up at Valentine’s Day party that was organized at Clinton Rose Senior Center.

The two got talking and that’s when Ouida Parish told the deputy about all the car troubles she’s been having.

Completely moved by her story, Deputy Kristine Rodriguez said that something had to be done about that situation, “She really just stayed on my mind. I’ve never had done anything like this before,” said Deputy Kristine Rodriguez. “But I felt like I needed to do something. I felt compelled after having that conversation with her.”

Everybody needs their car for going to the grocery store, for doctor appointments, and to go to the chemist’s and so Deputy Rodriguez spoke to a local tow company and convinced them that the car had to be taken to Pro Tech Automotive Repair.

Parish never in her dreams imagined that someone would go out of their way to help her so much. “I never imagined this to happen. I was just telling, just talking to them, and she reached out and made my day,” Parish said.

The deputy’s efforts to help Parish get her car back in top condition would entail new tires, an engine mount, and a catalytic converter, everything for free. She said that it was more than she could ever hope for. “It means everything to me. It means more than anyone could imagine,” Parish said.

Just seeing the happiness and wonder on the face of Parish was enough to make the deputy’s day much better. “Just seeing it all come together all the working hands that it takes to be able to do this for one person it speaks volumes,” Rodriguez said.

May we all learn to reach out to others in our community to help them and show them kindness even if it cost us our money and time.

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