Skunk Gets Stuck In Ice Cream Cup, Police Officer Comes For Its Rescue

Skunks are not exactly an animal we would like to be friendly with, but when a police officer in South Bend, Indiana, found one in trouble, he went beyond his calling to help the animal out.


A video gone viral shows Officer Ron Kaszas of the South Bend Police Department rescuing a skunk who had gotten stuck inside a discarded ice cream cup.

“They can get their head in this opening, but once they are in here, they can’t get it off,” when Kaszas saw the poor animal in agony, he immediately took a towel that was in his patrol car and put it over the skunk’s tail.

Kaszas said, “I put the towel over the skunk real quick, with gloves on, grabbed the cup, and then hurried up and jerked it off and stepped out of the way, and hoped to God it doesn’t spray.”

He was captured on video by Paul Beck who was driving by, the video caught the attention of U93, a local radio station, “The Irish Dave & Christine Show” decided to award Kaszas a “skunk saver certificate.” On their Facebook page, they shared a photo of the award, which commends Officer Kaszas’ character with the statement “You were willing to put your social life on the line to save one of Indiana’s sacred creatures.”

South Bend officer helps skunk with cup stuck on head

GREAT VIDEO! South Bend Police Department Officer Ron Kaszas helped free a skunk that had a cup stuck on its head this morning.

Hear from Officer Kaszas this evening on NewsCenter 16.

(Thank you to Paul Wendy for sharing this video with us.)

Posted by WNDU on Friday, 19 April 2019

This is not the first time that the 26 year old cop has saved a skunk. He said “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.” Kaszas is no stranger to wildlife, in fact.

He said, “I had a pet skunk when I was in my early teens. We had it for seven to eight years in my family,” he said. Perhaps it is this experience that Kaszas draws his confidence from. Along with the Skunk, his family also raised deer and let them go.

There is indeed video of the skunk rescue that took place this morning. You can see Officer Kaszas using his towel technique to expert level precision. Thank you for sharing the video!

Posted by South Bend Police Department on Friday, 19 April 2019

Kaszas is completely devoted to his duty as a responsible police officer as he says, “Throw these in the trash, please,” Kaszas says, referring to the cup he rescued the skunk from.

When we act responsibly as a community we can help prevent situations like these in the future.


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