Police Officer Saves 15-Month-Old Baby Girl On His First Day On The Job

He has beautifully kick started his public service by saving a little baby from breath choking incident!A full time paid police officer, Richard Mayer was active on duty even when he was dining at a fast food restaurant in Merrillville, Indiana. And during his first day on the job he was rushed to save a troubled child who was dining with her mother just a few tables away and was greatly appreciated for his timely support!

Malanie Hasse and her daughter, Charlotte were having there lunch and the child started to choke on an apple and started goggling. The anxious mother tried to grab it out but that pushed it back into her throat making it more complicated.

The watchful police officer instantly grabbed her and along with another officer Ramos, they flipped the child over and back slaps her to dislodge the stucked food from her throat right away!

The mother is so happy in extending her gratitude and this Hobart police officer is thrilled in saving the child as his first act of caring people!

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