Pregnant Woman Hears Her Late Father Announcing Baby’s Gender

Knowing the gender of your unborn baby is a normal thing, but one creative husband managed to surprise his wife in a really unique way to announce the sex of their unborn baby.

Jennifer Jones-Prothro is heavily pregnant and wanted to find out the sex of her unborn child, but her husband, James Prothro, had other plans.

During her other pregnancies, this Vacaville, California, couple had found out the gender of their unborn babies, even though they faced tough resistance from Prothro’s father.

Her father had died due to cancer last year and so she decided that this time around, they would not find out the gender but be surprised as a way to honor her late father.

When family and friends wanted to throw her a themed baby shower, Jones-Prothro decided that she needed to find out the sex of her baby before she gave birth and gave her husband the task to find that out in a unique way.

Jennifer’s husband is a very creative man and planned to surprise his wife with something very special.

James has his own home recording studio and he remembered that his wife had kept all the voice messages from her father when he was ill.

So he had a very unique idea of editing the recordings so that his wife would hear the announcement of the sex of their baby in his own voice.

When the day finally came and a voice that Jennifer clearly recognized announced over the speaker that they were having a baby girl.

Jennifer had received the best surprise of her lifetime and the video of the episode was recorded by their 17 year old daughter and uploaded on social media where more than 5.5 million have watched it.

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