College Professor Babysits Student’s Baby After He Couldn’t Find Someone To Watch The Child

When a college senior found himself with no other option than to bring his baby daughter to class, his professor stepped up to be a role model and lend a helping hand, showcasing an inspiring act of kindness.

26-year-old Wayne Hayer, a Kinesiology student at Morehouse University in Atlanta, Georgia, is balancing two jobs with his education while also being a devoted father to his 5-month-old daughter, Assata.

On a particular day, Wayne’s wife, who usually stays at home to care for their newborn daughter, found herself in a predicament. She needed to pick up Assata’s birth certificate but had no one to watch the baby during that time.

Learning about the situation, Wayne decided to take Assata with him to college. Fortunately, his understanding mathematics professor, Nathan Alexander, had kindly given him permission to bring his daughter to class.

The next day, Wayne brought Assata to class, and to his relief, Professor Alexander welcomed them warmly. He didn’t just stop at allowing Assata in the class; he also offered to hold her. This thoughtful gesture allowed Wayne to fully concentrate on the lecture and take thorough notes.

Classmate Nick Vaughn was moved by the scene and decided to share the moment on social media. He posted a photo on Facebook and Twitter, captioning it with words of admiration for Professor Alexander’s kindness. The post quickly garnered attention, spreading like wildfire across the internet and touching the hearts of many.

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