Couple Singing Cover Of ‘Reckless Love’ Is Simply Beautiful

A love that comes after me, chasing me down and fights ‘til I’m found is so awesome for one to fathom! 

Trent and Siobhan have chosen a best song to explain the overwhelming love of our Great Shepherd-Jesus Christ. They are singing the beautiful cover “Reckless Love “by Cory Asbury is good enough to portray the very nature of God’s love in all its dimensions!

The song alludes, in its chorus, to the scripture in Luke Chapter 15 where Jesus is confronted by the religious people of the day for socialising with sinners in the society. Jesus replies to their confrontation with a parable of a great shepherd who goes after the one sheep which is lost and missing in the darkness.

The story of the lost sheep or the good shepherd portrays the entire essence of God’s love in saving the sinners from the pit of hell. This unending, unearned gracious love came down to search for me and you and paid the payment to rescue us from the clutches of the enemy. A love that is stronger than death, a love that’s known as the “friend of sinners and tax collectors” came after the wayward sheep and carried him on His shoulder ,rejoicing!

He loves you so much so that He leaves the ninety nine in pasture to find the one lost sheep. This love is reckless and relentless and faithful to a fault. And we who are found by Him will keep singing about His Reckless love all the days of our life!