Prophetic Anticipation Mounts as Unblemished Red Heifers Approach Age for Temple Ceremony

The arrival of five red heifers in Israel last September has sparked excitement and anticipation among some Jews and Gentiles, who believe these animals could play a crucial role in the construction of the Third Jewish Temple.


The excitement continues to grow as plans are made to relocate the heifers from their secret location to a visitor site in Shiloh, the historical site where the Lord’s tabernacle once stood over 400 years ago.

The book of Numbers (19:1-5) states that the ashes of a red heifer are needed to purify priests for their service in the Temple. The red heifers in question are currently between 1½ and 2 years old, but they must be at least 3 years old for the priests to conduct the ceremony as described in the Bible. Additionally, the heifers must be free of any blemishes, including a single white or black hair, to qualify for the ceremony.

The Mount of Olives has been chosen as the ceremony site, and the required land was purchased 12 years ago. It is situated directly east of the Temple Mount, in accordance with the specifications. Rabbi Yitshak Mamo, a member of Uvne Yerusalim, a group dedicated to preserving Israel’s history and educating future generations, currently owns the land.

Rabbi Mamo emphasized the importance of the ceremony location being directly in front of the Holy of Holies, and expressed hope that the red heifer ceremony, which would mark the first step toward building the Temple, could take place within the next year and a half. The ceremony requires priests who have not been defiled by touching anything dead. According to Rabbi Mamo, the Temple Institute has identified nine such pure priests. These individuals were born at home rather than in hospitals and have been kept away from cemeteries and other potentially defiling places.

With pure priests, red heifers, and the land in place, all that remains is to wait for another year and a half. Byron Stinson from Boneh Israel, who played a key role in finding the red heifers, anticipates that the ceremony could occur around Passover 2024 or during Shavuot in 2024.

Stinson emphasized that the Temple is intended for all nations, not just for Jewish people. He also mentioned that they plan to invite everyone to the red heifer ceremony, which may be held during Passover 2024.

As long as at least one of the red heifers remains pure, all necessary elements are in place, including the priests, Stinson explained.

Rabbi Mamo referred to the writings of the Jewish sage Maimonides, who recorded nine red heifers from Moses to the time of the Second Temple. In an unusual departure from his usual style, Maimonides stated that the tenth heifer would herald the coming of the Messiah.

Rabbi Mamo expressed hope that they might have the privilege of being among those who assist the Messiah in fulfilling this prophecy.

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