Two Women Collect And Refurbish Laptops To Help Needy Students

With online classes becoming the new norm across the country, those who do not have access to digital technology are finding themselves lagging behind the others.

But two women are making sure that no student loses out on studies and are collecting and refurbishing old laptops for students in need.


Brittany Cleckley from North Carolina was able to collect 300 laptops donated during a laptop donation drive arranged by her.

She says, “If we collect one laptop that’s one more student that’s able to focus on their education and if there are 200 laptops then there are 200 more students who can focus on their education during this virtual season.”


Texas mom, Darla Purce, is using her repair skills to help provide dozens of laptops to needy students.

Her home has now become a repair center and the whole family is involved in it now.

She says, “We need to make sure everyone has access to this technology.”


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