Police Detective Shot On Duty Proposes To Girlfriend After Being Released From Hospital

A police officer who was shot on duty a month ago has proposed to his girlfriend after leaving the hospital.


New Jersey State Police Detective Richard Hershey proposed to girlfriend Nikki Grazioli in a heartwarming proposal caught on camera by Nikki’s sister Rachelle Alven.

The clip shows Nikki running up to Det. Hershey not knowing he had the ultimate surprise planned.

“He gave me a run for my money and brought out emotions I never knew were even possible. He has tested everything I am and brought out all and any strength I had stored up for the past 27 years.”

“I can tell you that tears don’t run dry, eating can be overrated and my Trooper has brought braveness to a whole new level. We have both been overwhelmed and humbled with all the inboxes, texts and calls. We will never be able to tell you all enough how much we appreciate all the support and constant positive thoughts day in and day out.”

“COVID halted all visitation and time has dragged making it seem nearly impossible to reach discharge. Today was the day! To family, friends, other police departments, New Jersey State Police and the nurses and doctors at Cooper…THANK YOU for today and the last 11 days. We now know that nightmares sometimes become reality and that time will be on our side for all sorts of healing coming this way.

She further added, “Kiss and hug everyone you know just a little tighter, I sure know I will. Let’s just say, this was one hell of a homecoming! I got to kiss and hug him for the first time in 11 days and ended up walking out with a fiancé! He is home. He is alive. He is recovering. WE ARE ENGAGED! I love you Ric Larry, couldn’t be more happy to have you home, safe and officially ALL MINE,” Nikki wrote on Facebook.


Det. Hershey had responded to a call of a home invasion at a trailer park in Pittsgrove Township on April 25. A woman had been beaten and robbed by a group of women during the robbery, and the trooper was conducting interviews with witnesses. As the Det. Hershey was standing outside, in plainclothes and an unmarked vehicle, authorities say five vehicles approached the scene.

Hershey identified himself as law enforcement and ordered them to leave, as one of the vehicles drove off, one of the occupants shot Det. Hershey in the leg, and he returned fire.


We congratulate Det. Richard Hershy and his fiancee on their engagement and pray for protection on the life of the brave officer who took a gunshot while doing his duty.


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