3-Year-Old Miraculously Survives 35-Feet Fall After Landing On Seat Of Passing Rickshaw

A hair-raising incident from India, where a 3-year-old little boy survived after falling 35 feet from the second floor of his home straight onto a passing rickshaw, is going viral.


The boy and his father were playing near the balcony in their house in the state of Madhya Pradesh, when the boy apparently lost balance and and he fell directly into the passenger seat of the passing rickshaw-a three wheeled cart.

Ashish Jain, said his son, Parv Jain was playing and was hanging off the balcony railing. “He couldn’t keep his balance and fell,” Ashish Jain said. “But then a God-like man with a rickshaw came out from nowhere and saved him.”


Many people rushed to the rickshaw to help the boy after the incident. “We immediately took him to the hospital, where they ran CT scan and X-ray and other tests,” Ashish said. Doctors said Parv was unhurt.

Watch: the breathtaking video below

What a relief it must be for the parents and family of Parv Jain, this is nothing short of a miracle from God that the little boy survived without even a scratch on his body despite falling from sucha great height.

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