Stranger Pays Out Of Wallet For Distressed Mum’s Luggage Fee, After Ryanair Deemed Her Bag Too ‘Big’

An amazing act of kindness was witnessed recently when a Ryanair passenger offered to pay luggage fees for a distressed mom when the airline charged her £50 for it.


The incident

With the disruption caused by the pandemic on people’s jobs and livelihood, the mum-of-three became visibly upset after the staff told her that her bag was too large to be taken on board. The incident was filmed by another passenger before they boarded from Ibiza to Stansted.

The camera shows the mother looking anxious and putting her hands in her hair when she was informed about the fee. Her kids can be seen playing around her.

Heartwarming act of kindness

Suddenly a stranger comes up and tells her, “It’s alright, it’s alright.” She can be seen holding her face in her hands as he calms her and goes ahead to pay the fees.


The video surfaced on Twitter and was captioned: “Well done to this young hero for paying the ridiculous Ryanair baggage charges for a distressed mother traveling with three kids (who wasn’t getting any leniency from ground staff). The flight from Ibiza to Stansted was half empty, not sure what difference a few cm would make.”

The video got thousands of views and the man’s selfless act was praised by scores of social media users. What a selfless act of kindness by the young man.


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