Kind Officer Comforts Little Boy Who’s Crying And Rushing Into School

An incident where an Idaho deputy helped to uplift the sagging spirit of a first-grade boy who was crying, cold and running late for school is drawing appreciation all across the globe.

The boy from Hayden Meadows Elementary in Hayden, Idaho, was having a bad day in the freezing temperatures, he was running late for school and left behind by his elder brother.

School resource officer Deputy Doug Goodman was watching the disheveled boy as he ran towards his school shivering and holding his hat in his hand. He said, “I noticed that he was pretty disheveled. And he was carrying his hat in one hand, and he was obviously hurrying,” Goodman said.

He began his mission by trying to make him feel warm, like he would have done for his own kid. He says, “That stuff kicks in, so I’m zipping his jacket up and getting him all prepared for the weather.” He pulled the boy’s hood up over his head, warmed his hands and walked with him the rest of the way to school.

I’m not the one who posted this but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing And working with this deputy and I’m not surprised by his actions ❤️ he’s always been an amazing person and just the sweetest!!!!!

Posted by Alyssa Porter on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One mother who watched the whole event took to social media and shared a post on it, saying, “absolutely melted my heart on this cold bitter morning. Thank you for always being there for our children.” she wrote.

Goodman did not know that this kind act of his would be captured by somebody and shared online, he said, “I was gratified. I’m really flattered that she thought that much of what I did,” he said. He further added, “It’s really nice when you do a job like this because I do invest myself,” Goodman said. “I consider these kids to be like my kids. I keep them safe. Help with anything they need.”

What a wonderful example of the great work being done by our Kootenai County Sheriff's Deputies and the benefits of the…

Posted by Kootenai County Government on Thursday, February 21, 2019

The first grader is now doing great and when asked about what he thinks of Goodman, he says, “He’s actually pretty great,” the boy said. “He does his job really well.”

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