Incredibly Smart Owl Sings Duet with Owner

How cool is it to have a pet that sings? Having a pet owl belting out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework is just priceless.

A charming video of an owl and its owner singing together is winning many hearts online, and watching them sing will make you want your own little singing owl!

Every time the lady sings, the owl chirps in, singing it over and over again.

In the video, you will see the lady singing a nice little song while her pet owl is sitting on the windowsill, looking out. As the lady starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say, “I love this song!”

The owl is patiently waiting for his part to come, sings “ooowww ooowww” perfectly on time every time, and makes sure to look at her for approval before he starts to sing!