Dog Who Survived Wildfires Waited Patiently At Burned Down Home For Owner To Return

It was a pleasant surprise for Andrea Gaylord when she saw her beloved dog waiting for her at her home in Paradise, California, miraculously it had survived the devastating wildfires because of which she had to leave Madison behind.

Gaylord used to pray for her dog, and also got in touch with animal rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan, who kept tabs on Madison and used to leave food and water for the dog. But, after a month had passed and when the authorities lifted the evacuation order, she returned to her home which was destroyed by the wildfires and found her darling dog waiting patiently for her, it was as if all her prayers were answered.

Gaylord said, “Imagine the loyalty of hanging in in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. I was so emotional.”

God really had a special purpose in creating dogs as they are so faithful and true to man come what may.