Clever Dog Leads Paramedics Through Maze Of Alleyways To His Collapsed Owner

It was a difficult situation for paramedics locating their patient, but were able to find him thanks to a faithful and loyal Golden retriever waiting to show them the way to its owner.

The Chinese emergency crew were responding to a call about a garbage man who had collapsed in a residential alleyway in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province and as their ambulance rushed through the narrow lanes, a Golden Retriever suddenly jumped in front of the vehicle. The dog did not move out of the ambulance’s path, but helped lead them to his collapsed owner.

The dash cam footage shows the dog keeping a tab on the crew by looking over its shoulder several times to make sure that they were following it as it navigated through the network of alleyways. It was due to the clever dog, the paramedics were able to find the man and take him for treatment to the hospital.