Girl Rescues Cat When She Was In College, It Has Now Fallen In Love With Her Daughter

For some people their pets are their prized possessions, Bailey is one of them.

He likes to in to whatever his girls are up to and his patience can be compared to a saint .

Their story goes like this- a college student named Erin snuck a cat into her dorm room — something which many are guilty of doing, some have hid a tortoise in a dresser drawer or a guinea pig cage tucked under a desk.

“I hid him in my dorm room where animals were not allowed,” Erin said. “I ended up getting caught a week later.”

“The school gave me 48 hours to get him out of the dorms. My parents told me, ‘You’re getting rid of him.’ They already had two cats and a dog. I was devastated.”

The situation was sad and her parents too were unable to help her out, which made her turn to others.

A video from her college years showing her cradling an orange tabby cat and asking “Who is gonna take this little baby?”

Thankfully, an old neighbor volunteered to take care of the cat “I ended up finding an elderly woman that lived in the neighborhood I grew up in that offered to take him,” Erin said. But it wasn’t easy.

“Half my drive back to college, I was in tears. This kitten had a personality like … no other cat I’ve ever met.”

The cat must have been too much for the elderly lady to manage and soon Erin had to care for the cat again, but this time she had another plan.

She was on her one-month school break and told her parents she had the cat but that she’d search for a home in the meanwhile. She wanted to use the one month break to make her parents fall in love with the cat, so that she wouldn’t have to give him away.

It worked — and history was made. Bailey will turn 14 soon and is immersing himself into every bit of Erin’s life.

Erin Merryn is married now and has three kids, and loves how Bailey has taken to her children.

He has accepted all her babies and was seen snuggling up next to them for naps, getting their attention and enjoying their company.

This has been such an incredible journey for Erin and Bailey and we wish them all the best for their future.

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