Talented Pianist Plays Beethoven ‘Moonlight Sonata’ For Old Elephant

Paul Barton plays Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ for an old Elephant in the Thai forest.


Mongkol, a 61-year-old elephant, had spent most of his life in captivity, hauling trees. Sadly, this brutal work resulted in the loss of his right eye and tusk. Fortunately, he was rescued and brought to Elephants World, where he could spend his remaining days in peace and freedom near the River Kwai in Thailand. Known for his gentle and sensitive nature, Mongkol has shown a particular love for music.

In this touching interaction, he is seen enjoying Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata,’ performed by Paul Barton, a self-taught and classically trained artist. Barton had initially moved to Thailand for three months to teach piano at a private school. It was here that he met his wife, a fellow wildlife artist and animal lover. The couple decided to make Thailand their home, having lived there for 22 years.

Paul Barton’s serenade to Mongkol offers a tender moment of connection between species, underscoring the universal appeal of music.


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