Man Forges Friendship With Abandoned Magpie He Found On Side Of Road

New Zealand may be a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, but it is famous for its indigenous Maori culture, its picturesque landscape and its national rugby team.

Matt Owens came across an injured magpie on the side of the road and as it seemed to be all alone, he decided to take him home and rehabilitate him.


The New Zealand resident cared for his new friend and even named him Swoop.

Matt helped him walk and even fly an was able to release Swoop back into the wild, but the grateful bird did not leave him but opted to stay with Matt and his cat.


At the onset, Matt was not willing to introduce Swoop to Mowgli because so many cats love to chase birds.

But as Swoop was now part of their family, Matt sat down with Mowgli and introduced the cat to his new brother.


Today, Swoop has an amazing relationship with Matt and Mowgli too. “They’re sort of best mates, and they just hang out with each other all the time,” Matt said. “Usually they’re just roaming around together; the bird’s lying on his back and cuddling with the cat.”


In fact, meeting Swoop was the best thing for Matt, because the day they met, Matt found out his dad had terminal cancer.


Swoop has filled his life with positive moments and made his life a lot better in this difficult season.


Matt knows that one-day Swoop would leave him to start his own family, and says, “I treat him like a wild bird,” he added. “My job is just to look after him and keep him alive, but he’s chosen to stay.”


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