Good Samaritans Rescue People Trapped In Smoking Car

It was a heart wrenching site to see 20 people rushing to save the lives of 3 people trapped inside an SUV in California.


A terrible car accident occurred in Newport Beach when a SUV hit a tree. People started rushing from all directions to save the lives of those inside the car. None of them were concerned that there was a real danger of the smoking vehicle exploding.

A video recorded by a bystander shows good Samaritans pushing the slanting vehicle back on its wheels as the car’s driver jumped out, while others were still inside. Newport Beach Fire Department took care of the rest of the rescue and took the 3 people in the car to hospital to be treated for injuries.

We are inspired by this story and the video that is going viral, this is the unbreakable spirit of mankind that instills a hope for the future in us.

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